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Why textile Industry ?

The success of African companies on the international scene requires a solid conception of economic models, training, rigor in management, but above all and above all, a deep anchoring in local and sub-regional markets. Indeed, the consumer potential available in the ECOWAS zone exceeds 300 million people.

The sharing of experience and the social models of successful entrepreneurs in their field are structuring for the construction of inclusive ecosystems for young entrepreneurs. One of the sectors with very high potential, but very little exploited in Benin, is that of textiles.


According to the African Development Bank, the African textile-clothing industry has a potential of 31 billion dollars. That is, for the countries south of the Sahara, the second sector providing jobs after agriculture. Benin being one of the major producers of cotton on the continent, the local textile industry has, a priori, tremendous potential.


But Benin's textile potential is not limited to cotton fiber. During this forum, our ambition is to explore the development potential of other natural fibers available, as well as the development potential for textiles for domestic or industrial use.

WYDE 2023 forum in brief

How is it going to happen ?

The theme of the WYDE 2023 forum is a continuation of the year 2022 on the textile industry, this time focusing on textile innovations made in Africa.
Like previous editions, the WYDE forum will take place over two days.

Day 1: The 2023 forum


The first day will be devoted to the results of the 2022 edition and the results of the actions carried out since then to deploy the proposals made then. We will attend two round tables and networking activities for entrepreneurs and institutions.

Day 2: The Pop-Up Store

The second day will be dedicated to meeting with the consumer public. We imagined a "pop-up store" or ephemeral shopping mall to present visitors with local textile products handpicked for their originality and quality of finishes.


The WYDE 2023 forum will take place from Friday July 14 to Saturday July 15, 2023, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Aréolis Coworking premises in Cotonou.


Information and registration: + 229 91 39 24 24 // +229 91 40 04 04

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Meet us
July 14-15, 2023

in Cotonou

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