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Why textile Industry ?

We have established that in order to thrive internationally, African companies need solid economic models, training, thorough management, but most of all, deep roots in the local and regional markets. Indeed, the overall potential of consumers in the ECOWAS area exceeds 300 million people.

Experience-sharing and successful role model entrepreneurs are structuring for building inclusive ecosystems for young entrepreneurs. And, one of the most promising yet underexploited sector in Benin, is textile industry.

According to AfDB, African clothing industry is a potential 31 billion dollars revenue. That means, it could become the second job provider for sub-Saharan countries, after agriculture. Benin being one important cotton fiber producer on the continent, its local textile industry should also be considered a strong sector for the economy.

But Benin textile industry is not to be limited to cotton fibres. During the WYDE forum, we intend to explore the potentials of the other natural fibres available, as well as potential development opportunities for manufactured textiles for domestic and professional uses.

WYDE 2022 forum in brief

How is it going to happen ?

During and after the WYDE forum 2019, local entrepreneurs and project holders have expressed the need to have experts sharing know-how and best practices, rather than theoretical knowledges. They were certain it would make valuable contribution to the sustainable economic development of their companies. Implementing management theories can be challenging. Very often, this is the cause of great economic ventures failure.

Moving from gathering knowledges to actual know-how and attitude, has become one strong baseline for WYDE project in Benin.


This year we have decided to offer an additional platform to the public, as part of the construction of an economically efficient and socially responsible ecosystem.


Phase 1 :  WYDE Academy

WYDE Academy intends to gather entrepreneurs for days of practical training, destined to reinforce their capabilities as business managers. One keynote speaker, specialized on the forum general theme, will join the group, in order to share some of their experience.


WYDE Academy will take place Tuesday, July 19th from 8:00am to 06:00pm and Thursday, July 21st from 8:00am to 6:00pm, at Aréolis Coworking in Cotonou


Register here : + 229 91 40 02 02


Phase 2 : WYDE Forum

WYDE forum then, will focus on textile industry and the opportunities it conveys. Through discussions and masterclasses, each aspect of the industry will be explored by actual field experts. Hence, we intend to bring concrete and long-term solutions to local entrepreneurs’ issues regarding production, organisation and distribution.


WYDE Forum will take place Monday, July 25th to Tuesday, July 26th 2022 from 8:00am to 7:00pm, at Aréolis Coworking in Cotonou.


Register here : + 229 91 40 02 02


Meet us
July 25-26, 2022, in Cotonou

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