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" He who excels at solving difficulties solves them before they arise"

Sun Tzu

The WYDE Forum will address several issues related to the Entrepreneurship of African women, Youth and Diaspora, in the context of the challenges of globalization. The WYDE Forum aims at being practical and pragmatic in order to provide concrete solutions to some of the problems encountered in the field.


Beyond the speeches and the theoretical contributions, we want to propose real solutions to difficulties encountered by the sometimes-discriminated entrepreneurs. The WYDE Forum can certainly not arise all the obstacles. On the other hand, it is all about sharing methods and tips that have proven successful with other entrepreneurs before us

The Speakers

Les Intervenants

The Program

Le Programme

Having a good idea is not always enough to succeed in business. All entrepreneurs will tell you, the path is long, tortuous and fraught with pitfalls. But the reward is extraordinary when we manage to carry out our business project.


The path is difficult, but for some more than others. For women, youth, and diaspora who wish to take up business, there are additional, but not insurmountable barriers. These categories of entrepreneurs’ face prejudices strongly anchored in the mentalities of both sides. Misogyny, biases against youth, communitarianism, and sometimes even racism ... everything goes. However, many entrepreneurs succeed. We want to understand and learn from their experiences and their know-how and attitude, in order to inspire other entrepreneurs still struggling.

For businesses, in addition to the right idea, management, training and financing issues often come up. Is there a specific business model that works better than others? What management technics work well and have proven successful for locally thriving entrepreneurs? We will have the opportunity to deepen these questions, with entrepreneurs and professionals who have been operating in the field for several years.


Entrepreneurs with an innovative and beneficial project to the community, trained and competent, fail because they lack access to adequate financing.

Others face financial difficulties because of a lack of knowledge of the mechanisms of international finance when venturing into foreign markets. At the same time, too many public and private financial institutions are struggling to identify projects that can be financed. Others do not know how to validly accompany companies wishing to work in international markets. The issue of corporate finance is broad and often addressed in fora. We will specifically try to understand what the practical and pragmatic tools are, and how they are available to companies in the field.


As you can see, the main purpose of this forum is to share experiences and practical tips for women, youth and diaspora entrepreneurs. But of course, it remains open to all entrepreneurs who recognize themselves in the difficulties to undertake. Our ambition is to emerge from these two days, enriched by everyone's journeys and reinforced in our respective projects.


We hope to have the great privilege of counting you among our visitors on July 16th and 17th, at Golden Tulip Le Diplomate de Cotonou, from 8:30 am.


See you soon


Nathalie Daouda

Founder of ND Consultant


Welcoming and breakfast



Opportunities for local entrepreneurship



Welcoming and breakfast

PANEL 3 : 

Financing solutions accessible to African entrepreneurs



Writing well to communicate efficiently



Define a strong digital communication strategy


PANEL 2 : 

The challenges of globalization for local businesses


PANEL 4 : 

Entrepreneur, and Woman, or Youth, or Diaspora: They Overcame Barriers and Prejudice



Optimize your professional profiles on social networks



E-commerce, is not that easy...

The Masterclasses

Les Masterclass EFJD

Masterclass 2

Optimize your professional profiles on social networks

Currently, in our globalized economic and social ecosystem, it is difficult to do without digital networks. On the continent as elsewhere, social media have a playful and entertaining function for some and are working tools for others.

As professionals and entrepreneurs, we need to know how to manage our digital reputation (e-reputation), in order to make the most of these tools. In this workshop, we will discuss the fundamentals of the main social media, according to the professional use that the participants wish to make of them.

Masterclass 1

Writing well to communicate efficiently

"What is well conceived is clearly stated, and the words to say it arrive easily" -Boileau.


As an entrepreneur, you will not be judged solely on the quality of your service and products. The more impact you have on your environment, the more people will watch how you communicate. We live in a time when communication tools are extraordinarily powerful and democratic.

Every entrepreneur who wants to differentiate in the market, must know how to communicate efficiently with its customers, and the market in general.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with business communication basics.

Masterclass 3

Define a strong digital communication strategy

After talking about the form, it's time to get to the bottom, in terms of communication. To know how to write and to present oneself as a company or as an entrepreneur is one thing. On the other hand, how to develop a powerful strategic plan, which will hold the public's attention and push the target to consume the solutions of the company?!

It is a delicate mission, too often carried out without preparation by companies. During this workshop, you will have access to simple and pragmatic technics to design an advantageous communication strategy for a company

Masterclass 4

E-commerce, is not that easy...

With the Internet, it is possible for a company to be known and sell its products and services worldwide, with minimum investment. Thanks to the advent of e-commerce, the products of an artisanal small business can be found in less than 24 hours, at the other end of the world.

This seems extremely simple to design, as there are turnkey digital tools to help small organizations get started. But beware, because the dream turns into a nightmare, if one misjudges the structure of the company and the constraints related to e-commerce. In this workshop, we will discuss the fundamentals to successfully launch an online sales activity.

The Sponsors

Les Sponsors


EFJD Cotonou | Les défis de la mondialisation
EFJD Cotonou | Les défis de la mondialisation
Jul 16, 2019, 8:30 AM
Espace IFEDU - Wologuèdè, face PTT
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